Downloadable Materials and Artwork:

              Use the downloadable materials and artwork below to share your experience and challenge others to participate in “7 Days of Nothing”:

“7 Days of Nothing” Color Brochure  –  7_Days_Brochure-COLOR

“7 Days of Nothing” Black & White Brochure  –  7_Days_Brochure-BW

Donation Forms – Humanitarian Options Donation Form

Yard Signs – 7 Days of Nothing – signage red

Social Media Memes – coming soon!

T-shirt Artwork:

“Come do NOTHING with me” (black shirt) – Nothing T-shirt on black background

“Come do NOTHING with me” (white shirt) – Nothing T-shirt on white background


“7 Days of Nothing” is part of the Families for Orphans program of Global Helping Advance Women & Children (GLOBAL HAWC dba Family Watch International).  To learn more about the broader work of GLOBAL HAWC to defend the family and children, visit