7 Steps to “7 Days of Nothing”

While participating in the “7 Days of Nothing” program does not require a great deal of preparation, the following steps can help you be successful.

  1. Commit and set a date!

    Making a decision to participate in the “7 Days of Nothing” program sets you up for great experiences ahead. Decide now if you will do the program as an individual or as a family or other group and then set a date. Inviting family, neighbors, friends, colleagues, social media contacts, church members, school classmates, etc., to participate with you can make the experience more fun and will also increase your impact.

  1. Get motivated by learning more.

    Review the “7 Days of Nothing” brochure and, if participating with others, discuss together how this “7 Days of Nothing” helps orphans. Go over the orphan and poverty facts. If children are participating, you can show them the picture of orphan children on the brochure and ask questions like:  “How are these children different from us?”  “How are they similar?”  “What kind of hopes and dreams do they have?”  “What are your hopes and dreams?”  “What are their challenges?” “What are yours?”  “How do you think having a family could benefit them?”

  1. Set your “7 Days of Nothing” Goals and Sacrifices.

    Set financial, duration and sharing goals for your “7 Days of Nothing” experience and write them down. If participating as a family or with others, invite your team members to set goals together. Your family or team can work together to help select sacrifices or, you may decide to have each team member choose their own sacrifices and then share their list with the group.

  2. Tell the world about it!

    Let others know you are going to live “Seven Days of Nothing.” Before, during and after your seven days of sacrifices, reach out to others, including extended family, coworkers, church friends, school contacts, community volunteers, members of social clubs, etc., and tell them what you are doing and why. Invite them to choose their own dates to participate in “7 Days of Nothing.” You might even contact the media to see if they will cover your experience. Click here for artwork for “7 Days of Nothing” yard signs, t-shirts and cards that you can use to encourage others to get involved.

  1. Live your “7 Days of Nothing” plan. 

    Live your plan according to the goals you have set and  sacrifices you have chosen, then add up the money you have saved.

  2. Use that money you saved to help orphans by making a donation.

    Donate either online or by mail. A full 100 percent of donations contributed to the Families for Orphans project will be used to support orphans in a developing country.

    To donate securely online click here, or mail your donation to:

    Families for Orphans Project
    C/O Family Watch International
    P.O. Box 1432
    Gilbert, Arizona, 85299-1432

  3. Record and share your “7 Days of Nothing” experience.

Write in your journal or diary about what you accomplished and your feelings about the program.  Then, share your experience by talking, blogging, posting to social media sites and emailing about it to friends and family. If you worked with a team, encourage family/team members to do the same.

Please also share your story with us on the Families for Orphans – 7 Days of Nothing Facebook Group page.





“7 Days of Nothing” is part of the Families for Orphans program of Global Helping Advance Women & Children (GLOBAL HAWC dba Family Watch International).  To learn more about the broader work of GLOBAL HAWC to defend the family and children, visit www.familywatchinternational.org.