20111020-4614“7 Days of Nothing” is a unique, interactive educational experience designed to support Families for Orphans, a program of Global Helping Advance Women and Children (GLOBAL HAWC). Families for Orphans grew out of the experiences of Family Watch volunteers who had visited developing countries and witnessed firsthand the bleak and often life-threatening conditions in which so many orphans are trapped.

The primary goal of the Families for Orphans program is to help orphans and vulnerable children in developing countries be placed in families through foster care or adoption. Many families in developing countries are willing to take in orphans but cannot afford the school fees and other costs of supporting another child. The Families for Orphans program provides support to such families and monitors the well-being of the children through regular visits to ensure they are thriving.

Families for Orphans also promotes domestic adoption and provides lifesaving essentials for orphans who are waiting for placement. International adoption is also encouraged for children who cannot find family placements within their own countries.

Funds for these activities come from donations, and, in particular, from the contributions made by individuals, families and groups who participate in “7 Days of Nothing.”

How “7 Days of Nothing” Works

“7 Days of Nothing” participants choose to give up a number of modern conveniences, activities, entertainment or certain foods for seven days, and then to calculate the money they would have spent and donate that amount or more to the Families for Orphans program. In this way, “7 Days of Nothing” participants not only support a good cause, but also have the educational and inspirational experience of seeing firsthand, if only in a small way, what it is like to live like an orphan, without all the necessities of life.

We hope you will consider participating in “7 Days of Nothing.” Whether you do so as an individual or with a team made up of your family, church or club members, coworkers or classmates, we believe you will enjoy this experience and be richly rewarded for having participated.

Learn more about “7 Days of Nothing” by clicking here

Donations to Families for Orphans can be made by clicking here. Contributions are tax deductible for U.S. citizens.

Thank you for anything you can do. Your donation will go a long way to help orphans and vulnerable children have a greater chance for a healthy, happy and productive life.


“7 Days of Nothing” is part of the Families for Orphans program of Global Helping Advance Women & Children (GLOBAL HAWC dba Family Watch International).  To learn more about the broader work of GLOBAL HAWC to defend the family and children, visit www.familywatchinternational.org.